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best dollar slots to play-Tucker Carlson Snarks To Viewers: 'Your Racism Is Hurting Kamala Harris' Career'

Tucker Carlson devoted the first 17 minutes of his Fox News show Thursday to mocking Vice President Kamala Harris. (Watch the video below.)

That’s a lot of time in a fairly busy news cycle of economic woes and hearings into the Capitol riot (which Carlson got to later).


The conservative channel appeared to be mounting an offensive against Harris this week ― first by Newt Gingrich in a dismissal of her presidential prospects, and now by its prime-time star.

“For more than a year now we’ve had a pretty conventional understanding of this country’s first Black-slash-Indian-slash-part-Canadian vice president, who also happens to identify as a woman,” Carlson said. “Now we’ve assumed Kamala Harris was historically unpopular because she’s historically incompetent and fake.”

He joked about software engineers trying to determine if she’s even human because “she’s that synthetic.”

The far-right personality showed a clip of MSNBC’s Joy Reid defending Harris, and Carlson sarcastically admitted that he and other critics have been wrong ― it’s their lack of understanding that is damaging the vice president.


“So the takeaway is Kamala Harris isn’t unpopular because she’s a bad person,” he said. “She’s unpopular because you’re a bad person. You’re the problem. Your racism is hurting Kamala Harris’ political career. Damn you, bigot!”


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